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I’m Chris Ukachu, a digital marketer, software and website developer with 5 years of experience in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns across various digital channels. My expertise includes social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, SEM, and content marketing. I have a proven track record of increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, and generating leads for my clients. I'm passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies to ensure that my clients stay ahead of the competition.


Digital Marketer

  • Zoedome Logistics
  • June 2, 2021 - March 10, 2023

A digital and social media manager in charge of basically all their social media platforms, increasing brand awareness, leads generation etc

Website Developer

  • Brandaly Paris
  • April 20, 2020 - continue

Website developer with a deft knowledge and skill on Content Management System like Wordpress, Shopify etc

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  • ESM University Benin Republic
  • June 13, 2019 - July 6, 2021

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