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My name is Ubong and I am a full stack developer with 3+ years of experience in web development, superior front-end design, and a scalable back-end. I am a self-starter with a strong desire to succeed. I thrive on a challenge and set objectives for myself on a regular basis so that I have something to work toward. My work gives me much pleasure, and I have a constant supply of motivation to perform at my best since I enjoy what I do. This passion motivated me to push myself every day to learn new abilities that helped me do better work. For example, to improve the quality of reactivity and interactivity of a website, I taught myself the JavaScript framework Vue.js. My earlier web development expertise has given me specialized technical abilities that I can apply to challenging jobs. I have excellent organizational skills, write clear codes, have excellent communication skills, and find it simple to relate to other individuals. I am continually looking for new learning opportunities since I genuinely appreciate discovering new things. I give everything I have to any job I work on because I want to be able to look back on it and say, "Yes, I did that."

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