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My name is God'spower Otali and I am an experienced full-stack web developer who is passionate about utilizing my skill-set to produce high-quality digital products. As a detail-oriented programmer and computer enthusiast, I understand the programming languages used to create and develop websites and I believe that my expertise and knowledge can be an asset to your company. Having recently seen the job posting here, I am writing this letter to respectfully apply for this job.

With several years of experience in the field of web development, I am confident in my ability to introduce best practices of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Bootstrap applications to make database transactions and integrate third-party services. I am also comfortable with designing and developing responsive webpages for different devices, and leveraging tools for an optimal user experience. My experience in database management and content optimization with SEO gives me an edge in effectively incorporating performance optimization techniques.

My enthusiasm for technology allows me to stay up to date with the most current trends and languages. My past work has enabled me to gain a good understanding of industry standards and evolve along with them. I have been fortunate to develop industry-leading client applications, which have created a strong foundation of success my skills are built upon.

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I feel that my qualifications, skills and experience in web development perfectly meet your requirements for the job and I look forward to talking to you soon about how I can help achieve success. I’d appreciate the opportunity to discuss my candidacy with you further.


God'spower Otali


Senior Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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B.Sc Computer Science

  • National Open University of Nigeria
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