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Are you looking for a social media manager?Have a great product but aren't able to expand your consumer base? I have the necessary experience and skills to help you grow your business and reach unique customers. My past works range from Social Media Marketing and Copywiting. I will optimize, manage and grow your Social Media Presence! Get more traffic, leads and sales! I am a highly motivated, detail-oriented, exceptional and creative individual with 5 years experience in the field of Social Media Management and I have helped lots of businesses efficiently boost their online presence and brand awareness. Why should we work together? ● I have worked with clients with different needs and I try to fulfill your wishes. ● I have knowledge on different fields and topics. ● I love to work on interesting projects and people like you! What I will do for you: - Optimize and manage your Social Media Accounts. - Create professional posts related to your website. - Create descriptions. - Hashtag/Keyword Research. - Schedule posts daily. - Increase the audience. - Grow your business. -Write copies that will capture and retain visitors' attention -Create a sales/marketing game plan that will target a specific audience. Through consistent, custom made, and branded posts in combination with effective strategies to organically grow the audience, we can build a brand together on all Social Media platforms! For me, there is nothing better than seeing businesses succeed! Your success is my top most PRIORITY! I am ever ready and willing to work with you.

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