Written by Nicholas Omonjeva

As a salesperson, never ever think that what people think about you or the impressions you create doesn’t matter Don’t deceive yourself and get down from that fool’s high horse of pride and ignorance.

I was at Iyana-Ipaja  area in Lagos state and I got a call from a prospect that does her business at Anthony Village on a raining Friday evening. For those living in Lagos Nigeria, feel free to imagine the distance and the thickness of the traffic.

There was money on the table and I can’t afford to allow it not to be in my position. I told her that I will be with her that same day and deliver her order the next day. This was like past 4pm.

I got to her outlet by past 6pm and waited for her till like 7pm.

before she came to the outlet. She definitely gave me the needed accolades for my promptness and spoke well about me to her husband and her workers.

We were in the meeting for about an hour to fine tune her order and complete the costing process. I left her office by 8pm that evening and she made the payment for her order that same day. We delivered her order the next day, in the morning.

Her impressions about my personal brand and the corporate brand I represented, will definitely last till Jesus comes.

Don’t flop(miss out on) the chance to deliver a powerful first impression in the market place. It will go a very long way in promoting your goodwill as a salesperson in the market place.

Guess who she will call when her friends want the exact products I sell?

Your guess is as good as mine

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