Written by Chivin Vivian Esionwu.

Fear is so real, that they are probably things that you’re afraid of doing right now in your life, in your relationship or in your work, and the fact you are afraid, that’s robbing you of all the experiences that you want to have in your life, I mean if you’re afraid to fly, that’s gonna limit your ability to travel and see the world.

If you are afraid of speaking in the public and always having heart race to express yourself, or maybe you have already start a business, but you are afraid to share your business with people, fear is something that stops us all.

Fear is something that stops us all.
But it doesn’t need to!

So, here is the secret weapon that I used to beat every single fear that used to stop me.

But before I talk about the proven formula to stop Anxiety, let me first explain the word Fear.

Fear is a physical state in your body that is exactly the same as excitement. It’s just about how your body goes into a hyper-aware state because it’s readying action.

So,the strategies I will be sharing with you is going to transform your life.

When I start sweat, when I start to have butterflies or when I start to have my heart race, I quickly say I’m excited. And boom, what that does is it sends a message to my brain and tells my brain why body’s agitated and happy. That way I don’t feel afraid.

Always have an anchor thought. I can always control what I’m thinking about and I can always control my act. So I used 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 to insert my anchor thought I have already come up with.

Taking a breath. When I get stucked and frightened, taking a deep breath not only ease me but also makes me emotion balanced.

If fear knocks at your door, then this post will help you beat every single agitation in you and leave you feeling excited again.
And for those of you that are afraid of Public Speaking, use this technique I have just explained to you.

Fear is real! You can’t control the feelings that are gonna rise up in your body but you can always control what you think. And you can always make a decision about the actions you are gonna take!

Start applying this now!

Have you ever been afraid to do a thing before? How did you handle it?

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