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Remote Senior Fullstack Engineer

nIntroductionnnCryptoTicker is a Berlin-based crypto, blockchain, and tech news platform comprised of an international team of experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the community. As a next big step, we are planning to evolve our platform even further and make it web3 ready by offering customers beyond educational content the possibility to connect their wallets, receive a CryptoTicker NFT and consume token gated content.nnAs part of our strong, fast-moving team, you will be helping migrate from our current WordPress website to a modern front-end using Next.js and Tailwind CSS with a headless Strapi CMS as backend. Once we have a modern frontend in place we will work on integrating web3 services. nnCurrently in process in our Project-Sprint ( 09/2023 )nnYour main role and tasks will be to support our Dev-Unit migrating data from WordPress to our new Strapi PostgresSQL backend and implement the newly designed website with React Components using Tailwind CSS and later on build web3 functionality with providers like Wallet Connect.nTasksnnDutiesnnCollaborate on a daily basis with a team of product managers, engineers, and UI/UX designers to understand business requirements, user experience goals and pain pointsnnn* Ability to develop secure apps and backend APIsnn* Build reusable components and libraries for future usenn* Troubleshooting and bug fixingnn* Identifying bottlenecks and improving software efficiencynnnnnDetailsnnāŗļø Position Type Freelance (project-based) or part-timennšŸ“ Location Berlin. Remote work allowed. (hybrid)nRequirementsnnšŸšØ RequirednnNext.js / React + Understanding of ISR & SSRnnn* Knowledge of common packages such as Next-SEO, Next-Sitemap etc.nn* Strapi CMS + Pluginsnn* TailwindCSS or Hardcoding CSSnn* Githubnn* Docker / Docker Composenn* Javascript ES6 / TypeScriptnn* Node.js LTSnn* GraphQL & REST API concepts and implementation patternsnn* Testing frameworks such as JestnnnnnšŸ§° Toolingnnn* AWS cloud services: EC2, RDS, Lightsail or Railway Knowledgenn* Vercelnn* Linear Tool for Sprints/ Tickets ( competitor of Asana/ Atlassian Tools )nn* Notionnn* PostgreSQLnn* Understanding of API Security ā€“ OAUTH, JWTnn* optional: Superbase and Python KnowledgennnnBenefitsnnšŸ§ BonusnnHardhatnnn* Soliditynn* Ether.jsnn* Wallet Connectnn* creating Dapps KnowledgennnnnPayment in Crypto possible.nnLetā€™s get decentralized together nn#Salary and compensationn
No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Web3, Crypto, React, WordPress, Python, Docker, Cloud, CSS, API, Senior, Engineer and Backend jobs that are similar:nn
$70,000 ā€” $117,500/yearn

šŸ’° 401(k)nnšŸŒŽ Distributed teamnnā° AsyncnnšŸ¤“ Vision insurancennšŸ¦· Dental insurancennšŸš‘ Medical insurancennšŸ– Unlimited vacationnnšŸ– Paid time offnnšŸ“† 4 day workweeknnšŸ’° 401k matchingnnšŸ” Company retreatsnnšŸ¬ Coworking budgetnnšŸ“š Learning budgetnnšŸ’Ŗ Free gym membershipnnšŸ§˜ Mental wellness budgetnnšŸ–„ Home office budgetnnšŸ„§ Pay in cryptonnšŸ„ø PseudonymousnnšŸ’° Profit sharingnnšŸ’° Equity compensationnnā¬œļø No whiteboard interviewnnšŸ‘€ No monitoring systemnnšŸš« No politics at worknnšŸŽ… We hire old (and young)nn


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