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Remote Head of Technology Risk & Head of Operational Risk

nIntroduction nHere at Fnality, we are powering the future of finance, together: combining best in class technology with free-flowing creativity, and expertise that can make business better for everyone. There are no precedents for what we’re doing. With you on our side, we’ll be setting new ones every day. nIn a complex world, we are here to bring clarity and make positive change. Fnality Services is central to each FnPS’s effective and resilient operation and provides an efficient common service platform for the secure global delivery of settlement operations. nThe Head of Technology Risk &  Head of Operational Risk:  nFnality Services is looking to fill two senior roles: Head of Operational Risk and the Head of Technology Risk.  nWe are looking for motivated individuals who can demonstrate competencies which will enable them to successfully:  nn* Work in a regulated environment in the financial sector, with direct accountability to the CRO, CEO, ultimately regulators and the Board/Risk Committee for the management of risk for Fnality Services nn* Build a risk culture that is embedded in every policy and process of the company (Operations, Technology, Security, Personnel, Environment etc)  nn* Influence and provide effective challenge to the First Line of Defence on controls for information security, technology, and operations.  nn* Maintain and improve the risk and control assessment management process for Fnality Services to ensure risks are identified and managed effectively.  nn* Build and maintain effective relationships with key stakeholders within the Fnality legal entities. Manage, alongside the CRO, the successful operation of Risk and Oversight within Fnality Services. nnnnYou will need to take accountability for  nn* The day-to-day running and continuous improvement of the Fnality Risk System for Fnality Services and its associated ecosystem. This includes the risk model (structure and content), the risk activities (Identification, Assessment, Control Evaluation, Monitoring and Reporting) and efficacy of mitigations. It will also include oversight of the incident management process and approach. nn* Supporting the effective running of the risk governance framework within Fnality Services (e.g. risk committee), working closely with the other lines of defence in our three lines of defence risk management model nn* Ensuring compliance with the Operational Resilience directives from the Bank of England as they apply to Financial Market Infrastructures and broader global standards e.g. those set by BIS/FSB etc nn* Supporting the reporting on the risk management of Fnality Services internally (e.g. to the Board) and externally (e.g. to the regulators), building effective working relationships with them  nn* Managing and monitoring the risks associated with Fnality Services to assure the level of service required. nn* Embedding a risk culture in every policy and process of the company (within technology, personnel, security, environment, operations, etc) nn* Ensuring a robust change management process with adequate risk assessment before and after the change or software development life cycle. nn* Facilitating the sharing and analysis of information between other Fnality legal entities in different jurisdictions, as required, to ensure cross-jurisdiction risk management and compliance.  nn* Supporting the management of vendor and partnership relationships in conjunction with the CRO.  nn* Support the implementation of security controls to prevent external threats to enterprise and environment systems, with a view to minimise risks and impacts associated with a security event on FnServices and all stakeholders.  nnnnRequired competencies: nn* Extensive Risk management expertise in banking or financial services gained from compliance or operational risk experience. nn* Experience of establishing and implementing operational processes and risk management systems from the ground up. Experienced in maturing these to meet evolving regulatory and business requirements. nn* Experience working closely with customers (Tier 1 Banks, Central Banks) on participant support issues and supporting the delivery of 24×7 availability of platforms. nn* Has a good understanding of payments and settlement in the traditional financial infrastructure and a basic understanding of the principles of DLT and blockchain technology. nn* A good understanding of how CHAPS and High Value payment systems work including a good understanding of settlement risk / finality /SWIFT.    nn* People management nnnnA bit more about us nDigital transformation is changing our lives, work and businesses. While other sectors evolve however, financial markets remain slow, fragmented and siloed. What the world needs now is a future-facing financial system for the digital age. nAt Fnality, we have been speaking – and listening – to the real users of today’s financial systems. From businesses to banks, there is a clear, collective ambition for a simpler, faster, safer and more resilient payment system; one that can move and settle money quickly and efficiently, with minimised risk and much more transparency. nFnality Global Payments nWe are building a new payment system that will enable tokenised, peer-to-peer markets.  nFnality Global Payments (FnGP) will comprise a series of national systems, each regulated in its home jurisdiction. We call each of these a Fnality Payment System (FnPS)  nIn each payment system, a Fnality settlement asset will act as the settlement/payment asset for any Payment (P), Delivery v, Payment (DvP) or payment vs. payment (PvP) need. nFnGP are underpinned by Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The nature of DLT is such that it enables FnGP to:  nn* Operate a true peer-to-peer market nn* Allow for immediate settlement nn* Interoperate across business platforms and jurisdictions nnnnThe key benefits of the above are:  nn* Reduced counter-party and credit risk  nn* Reduced operational risk  nn* Efficient liquidity management  nn* An ability to move resources from risk mitigation to business growth nnnnHow will we use the information about you?  nWe will use your personal information to process your application, to enable us to assess your suitability for a role and for other legitimate business purposes such as improving our sites and talent management practices. We may share your data with third parties to achieve these purposes. We will not use or share your information for marketing purposes.  nWe will take appropriate security measures to safeguard your information in accordance with data protection legislation.  nIf you would like further information about how your information may be processed by us, please contact us at [email protected].   nn#Salary and compensationn
No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Senior, Marketing and Legal jobs that are similar:nn
$60,000 — $150,000/yearn

💰 401(k)nn🌎 Distributed teamnn⏰ Asyncnn🤓 Vision insurancenn🦷 Dental insurancenn🚑 Medical insurancenn🏖 Unlimited vacationnn🏖 Paid time offnn📆 4 day workweeknn💰 401k matchingnn🏔 Company retreatsnn🏬 Coworking budgetnn📚 Learning budgetnn💪 Free gym membershipnn🧘 Mental wellness budgetnn🖥 Home office budgetnn🥧 Pay in cryptonn🥸 Pseudonymousnn💰 Profit sharingnn💰 Equity compensationnn⬜️ No whiteboard interviewnn👀 No monitoring systemnn🚫 No politics at worknn🎅 We hire old (and young)nn


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