NOW I’M A LIVING DEAD (A True life story) Episode 5


Continuation from the church incident

“I watched at a distance with a stone look, plastered on my face, I don’t want to be nearer to an evil woman my mother in law was”,”but I don’t give a d–n”, she had fainted like twice at the pulpit of the church, some women maybe they should be her friend in evil, came to surround her, pressing her chest calling her to wake up,but Chioma’s mother just lie flat on the floor of the church, closing one of her eye,and using one eye to look at me by the corner of her eyes, forming dead,but I can see her clearly,she was trying to check if truly I had died,or I was a ghost.
“Being me, I wanted to add salt to injury and more especially for everyone in church to see am not dead but fully alive, but was cornered by my wife and mother ,just to see me dead.
I cleared my throat, “See people don’t be afraid or surprised that am a ghost, actually am still the Kelechi you use to know, the able bodied man, am not dead am much more alive”, I said.
The congregation who were already eager to hear what I had to say, started murmuring among themselves, some were cursing under their breath, some were shaking their heads especially the men,the pastor was speechless on what to say. He was just staring at me with disbelief. It showed on the people’s faces that they wanted to know the real truth, but here is the real truth.

Three years ago after I met Chioma, I had a little problem with the company I was working with, I searched for job and did not see any but luckily for me I saw one oil and gas company. I submitted my credentials in the company and was told they will get back to me the next day. I was so happy even when I had not yet started the job but I had faith the job was for me, when I came out from the company I met my old bestie right from uni, we hugged and greeted each other, he asked me where I was coming from. I told him I was coming from the company and was told to drop my credentials that they will get back to me soon, when he heard that his countenance changed in a twinkle of an eye.

I asked what was wrong and why he was not happy to hear that, he said he as well was just coming from the company and was told that the space was taken, but he did not know who, but was surprised to know it was me.
We talked for some minutes before departing, right from that moment my friend never come close to me again,he started given me bad attitude, but I did not know he was ma-king plans of hurting me cause of jealousy filled in his heart, using my wife as a bait for me,my wife started coming home late from work, complaining it was traffic and so,but been the caring husband, I never bordered, cause I loved her.
There she started demanding more money from me than usual,she started charging me if I make love to her,and when she comes home, she complains of body and waist pain, which I will humbly massage for her, not knowing my friend was busy b!owing her walls, while am there empty headed.

But after I heard the phone call, and her calling my best friend I knew I was done for good,all this years,no child from my wife, always telling me she was not ready to carry one, not knowing she wanted to finish me first before running away with my friend and my properties, but today their cup is full.

The people shouted when I told them every thing, they started raining insult on Chioma’s mother, and cursing Chioma as well, but that was not what I came for, I need them to pay for what they had done to me,and she must pay all the money I spent on her for all those lying years,though I forgive her, but my money must be returned.
I made some phone calls, immediately three men came in. Each had a very big broad chest, the men spread their hands and their chest were held high up and their breast were shaking with a none smiling face. Chioma’s mother nearly fainted again,the people were shouting on her, cause I told them the phone conversation with her daughter against me and the poison charm. Some pushed her. She was already crying and pleading. I put on deaf ears.  I even took out my ear piece and inserted it in my ears, listening to some jamz music in high speaker, so I won’t hear the evil woman’s voice.
I had made up my mind already…

It’s Payment time.

To be continued…

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