NOW I’M A LIVING DEAD – Episode 4 (High Blood pressure)

Written by Maryrose Onejeme

After the church incident, I varnished into thin air. ‘Ghost mode’ as Gbenga’s wife ‘Abimbola’ wud call it.
Yes, I felt fulfilled to an extent though I was just getting started. I’m coming for them all that had a hand in my death.

Later that evening, while I was at the hotel which is now my niche or hideout to manipulate, execute & share high blood pressure on those that killed me. Those that I once loved and took as family and never believed cud do anything to hurt me. Truly, “na who know man dey kill am”. My case was that of a man’s enemy from his own household. This hotel is now my home and according to Gbenga, it’s my spirit Lodge. Lol….. I try to laugh and endure this unbelievable moments of my life unfolding right before my eyes like a movie, I became drowned in thoughts with tears rolling down – “God, where did I go wrong?”😑

Next I heard was “Gbam! Gbam!!!
A knock at the door of which I was not sure of the person. I whistled and he responded. it was a sign we made to recognize our presence. I opened and he came in and called me “Mr Ghost”, we laughed. It was Mr Gbenga my good neighbor.
“Kacy, he called out to me. “Your story has become the talk of the town. The pastor and congregation suspected the act of your mother-in-law as they were so curious to know what really happened, but your mother-in-law refused to say anything”.

I smiled “Gbenga don’t worry about the truth. it will be revealed soon. Lest I forget, how is your beautiful wife Abimbola?” “She’s fine, full of her troubles”, he replied.
I opened a bottle of wine as we share to discuss on the next move I will take as a ghost.

It was now it came to my knowledge that my wife and mother-In-law took shelter in my best friend’s house Chike, cos of their fear and alarm. Chike stays at 5th avenue, M close Festac town. He was my best man at my wedding and supposed to be my best friend. Who ever thought Chike could connive with my wife and mother-in-law to kill me?? Now, Chike who wanted to be convinced of what my wife had told them about my ghost, asked my mother-in-law out of fear and curiosity if she actually saw me with her two eyes. The woman was speechless cos of her shock. My wife Chioma with her sweet voice cried out to Chike and asked him to do something about this before the worst happens.

OK, it’s about to kick off…. Chike took his car key and drove off to Akanshi’s shrine. As he narrated the whole story to Akanshi the babalawo, whom was shocked and did some incantation and ordered Chike to go to my house and get one of my clothes.
Hollup..! Hollup.!! Hollup..!!! This got me wondering, Wat does the babalawo need my clothes for?? While I’m still alive??

The babalawo requested for it so he can perform some ritual to chain my ghost. And Chike summoned courage and left for my house?? 😨
Issoryt, I’m equally ready!!!


In my plans with Gbenga, we agreed on going to my house to pick some of my cloths as I can spread them in places my wife and her mother will always see them, just to torment them the more. Then after which Gbenga and i will go to Chike’s house by same midnight to sprinkle the feathers and blood of a dead cock at his entrance. It wasn’t a simple task but am a ghost..

What a quirk of fate.. As Chike arrived to my house at midnight to complete his task, lo and behold, the ghost appeared. Chike! Chike!! Chike!!!, I called three times from my sitting room as it echoes in my bedroom. Chike shivered as he took to heel out of my bedroom to the door and behold he saw me sitting down on my sofa. Me in a thunderous voice
“Chike, you were supposed to be my best friend. Why did uou connive to kill me?” As he shiver and panicked, he begged and try to use the door as he ran, but unfortunately I locked the door before I sat down earlier on the sofa. As I approached him slowly with my hands stretched while fume was coming out of my mouth, with my face rubbed with Abimbola’s powder scenting like a woman who came for a child’s omugwor. Lol…. I can feel the adrenaline pump evidenced by Chike’s vibration and disorganized actions of flight mode. His blood pressure was up as he used the window and fell from upstairs, sustaining a dislocation which I wondered how he ran with it….but eh, Africans can fear spirit sha!!! Lol… I went downstairs and took the backyard.

Will I spare them or continue to torment them?

To be Continue…

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